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Singing is so Easy!
Singing is so Hard!

One thing is sure: Singing is one of the greatest things in the world, no matter if it’s in the shower, in a chorus, or on an opera stage! Not everybody can be a pro, that’s clear – but, no matter if you’re a public speaker or a passionate chorister or if you just have to talk a lot: improving your voice gives you a better quality of life.

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Our voice is inside our bodies. We speak every day and basically, we can all sing, too. Most everyone loves to sing, or at least has fun doing it. However, singing and speaking with ease for hours, without getting tired, needs the right training and the right advice.

Professional singers, actors and speakers need a clear approach as well as a comprehensive understanding of their voice and how it works. The right breath control and vocal technique are their most important tools for a long career.

During my studies —which even after 20 years on stage will never completely finish—I have been lucky enough to work with some of the best voice and breathing teachers. Today, with this knowledge, combined with my very own personal touch, interest and dedication I am able to help you.

In my home town Of Cologne,  and also abroad, I offer voice lessons and coachings in breath control and vocal technique, as well as in role preparation and public speaking coachings.

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My Offer is Targeted for:

  • Advanced Amateur Singers

  • Professional Singers

  • Professional Actors

  • Orators: Lecturers, Politicians

My Focus is on:

  • Well-Founded Breath Control

  • A Relaxed Larynx

  • Relaxation of body tensions and vocal tensions

  • A Free, Healthy Voice!

For professional opera singers and actors additionally:

  • Audition Training

  • Text Interpretation and Role Coaching

My technique is based on Italian Belcanto and American singing methodology, as well as influences of the Alexander Technique. But even when things are getting tough, and with all our work on theory and exercises: We should never forget about our joy of singing and speaking!

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