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Christian Miedl - Staatstheater Braunschweig - Angels in America 2 - Quelle Thomas M Jauk.


CD „Songs of the Night“

“There are recitals that capture the audience from the first song and never let go. “Songs of the Night” by Christian Miedl definitely belongs to this group, because the twenty art songs on this CD portrait have an absolutely magical effect on the listener.” (DAS OPERNGLAS)


“Consummate opera singer Miedl shows how superbly he masters the many facets of Lied. He just released a debut CD, with a fascinating program around songs of the night.“ (WDR3 Cultural Radio)

Sciarrino: Luci mie traditrici (Il Malaspina), Staatsoper Stuttgart

„Christian Miedl impresses in the demanding role of the count, who is incarcerated in his very own prison of feelings and moral codes.“ (DER KLASSIKKRITIKER)

Rihm: Der Maler träumt – Amsterdam Concertgebouw (World Premiere)

„Christian Miedl proved to have a perfect baritone for the solo part - with here and there a reminiscence of Bach.“ (DE VERDIEPING TROUW)

Tchaikovsky: Evgeny Onegin (title role), Theater Giessen

„Christian Miedl presented an uncommonly theatrically strong Onegin, convincingly bringing to life the emerging insanity that inevitably overpowers and destroys Onegin… Miedl sang a distinctive Onegin, equally balanced with lyrical moments throughout. In the finale, he made Onegin’s despair extremely vivid vocally, while always focusing his secure baritone.“ (OPERNGLAS)

Francesconi: Quartett (Valmont), Malmö Opera

„Christian Miedl as captivating viscount and their dialogue of decay where black vision is blended with clairvoyance in the most ingenious variations. As in the superb scene where the Vicomte, after brilliantly playing the role of the Marquise said to her: "I think I could get used to being a woman. " And she replies: " I wish I could.““ (DEN NORSKE)

Orff: Carmina Burana - Brucknerhaus Linz 

„During the performance, the singers acted with great enthusiasm and discipline. The exquisite soloist ensemble was formed by: the pleasantly voluminous baritone Christian Miedl .... standing ovations.“ (OBERÖSTERREICHISCHE NACHRICHTEN)

Henze: Der Prinz von Homburg (titel role), Staatsoper Stuttgart

“Christian Miedl in the title role pulled all registers of his enormous abilities: He is already very convincing as an actor. He owned the staging concept and threw himself vividly into the role, which he sang and enriched with his profoundly supported baritone.“(Der OPERNFREUND)

Humperdinck: Hänsel und Gretel (Father), Staatsoper Stuttgart

„Christian Miedl, who is presenting the Father with a sonorous baritone and strong presence, as a thouroughly sympathetic, pragmatic patriarch.“ (ONLINE-MERKER)

Lim: Tree of Codes, Oper Köln (Son), Oper Köln (World Premiere)

„Despite its enormous vocal range, not Christian Miedl as the „Son“ doesn't let a single phrase get out of place.  His convincing, intense acting illustrates his torture virtually paradigmatically.“ (DIE DEUTSCHE BÜHNE)


„Christian Miedl as the „Son“ is a baritone of extraordinary vocal abilities.“ (OPERNNETZ)


„She (the composer) demands of the principal character, that he lets his baritone voice flow with beautiful sound, just to change into a countertenor's range in the next moment, before, as a speaker, declaiming Polish original texts of Bruno Schulz. How Christian Miedl executes the lead role of the „Son“ this evening, is simply sensational.“


Offenbach: La Belle Helene (Calchas), Staatsoper Hamburg

„High Priest Calchas is the captain of the cruiseship, and Christian Miedl showed us how great one can sing this role.“ (OPERNGLAS)

Zimmermann: Weisse Rose (Hans Scholl) - Festival KUNSTverFOLGEN

„Baritone Christian Miedl's subtle and multifaceted vocal performance turns the evening into an event.“ (DRESDNER NEUE NACHRICHTEN)

Eötvös: Atlantis, Hamburg Laeiszhalle/ Festival Musica Strasbourg

„Baritone Christian Miedl intones texts of the „Forgotten Voice“ from Sándor Weöres's night-dark „Stumme Musik“ with the finest falsetto register.“ (DIE WELT, for Hamburg concert)

„Without effort, Christian Miedl elicits out of his baritone voice ever-returning octave jumps even up into levels of a tenor's pitch.“ (EUROPEAN CULTURAL NEWS, for Strasbourg concert)

Eötvös: Angels in America (Prior Walter), Staatstheater Braunschweig

„Christian Miedl as Prior is triumphing in large orchestral manner, with his soft yet voluminous baritone, like Wagner's Hans Sachs.“ (DIE DEUTSCHE BÜHNE)

Schoeck: Penthesilea (Achilles), Oper Bonn

„an excellent ensemble: on top of all Dshamilja Kaiser as Penthesilea and Christian Miedl as Achilles: both have gorgeous voices and both are strong actors in a drama that's hard to outperform in its high pace and fierceness.“ (DIE DEUTSCHE BÜHNE)


„Christian Miedl invents a credible character, charming but not friendly. And without vocal efforts and with subtle, aware phrasing, he creates a man without personal attributes.“ (

Rodgers: Carousel (Billy Bigelow), Theater Basel

„With an incredibly softly controlled baritone voice Christian Miedl showed what a soft core lies under the hard surface of the boorish Billy Bigelow. His (especially for a musical-theater piece) gigantic, long monologue about his forthcoming fatherhood, the so-called Soliloquy, was performed in an extremely winning and touching way.“ (OPER AKTUELL)

Mozart: Le Nozze di Figaro (Conte Almaviva), Staatsheater Karlsruhe

„Not only because his name is on top of the cast list, I want to write first of all about Christian Miedl. The young singer, tall, fit and agile, disposes of such a perfect voice which responds effortlessly in all situations. He can give his voice colours of seduction, outrage, masculinity and erotic desire, in any volume from the softest moment to big-sounding vocal phrases. His voice is able to make any expression and, besides, still sounds so round and beautiful that one can only pursue with highest fascination the actions of this aristocrat, driven by his own demon, trying to kepp together what belongs to himself while the end of his rule closes in on him.“ (DER NEUE MERKER)

Ullmann: Der Kaiser von Atlantis (title role), Opéra de Lyon

„Excellent baritone Christian Miedl composes an Emperor that reminds of operetta emperor of Charlie Chaplin's „Dictator“.“ (FORUM OPERA, for Lyon)

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